Top Five Crypto Ad Networks to Advertise Your Crypto Projects

Many people all over the globe wonder where they can effectively advertise their crypto projects. Below you can find out in more detail about the most credible and reputable crypto ad networks that may help promote your crypto project.


Unkile most Bitcoin ad networks, CoinAd accepts new publishers only by invitation. Moreover, the platform has strict requirements, for instance, accepting only websites listed in the Alexa TOP-100,000 rating, with a daily display of at least 100,000 pages a day. The purpose is to offer a higher quality to advertisers who can choose which websites they want to advertise, where to place their banners and how many displays they want to attract.

If you have a reliable high-traffic website, you can earn much more with this network than with the other ad networks. Payments are made on a weekly basis and can be sent directly to your Bitcoin wallet or even to a PayPal account.

Mellow Ads

Launched in 2015, Mellow Ads offers CPM and CPC campaigns. Advertisers can purchase a certain amount of unique views or clicks. They can opt between banners and pop-up ads and daily earnings are based on the number of views, clicks or pop-ups. Mellow Ads charges a fairly low fee of 10% for online campaigns, which results in a larger revenue.

Mellow Ads has mandatory restrictions and requirements regarding advertisers. Your site should rank high in Alexa list. If your application is approved, you can earn an additional referral commission of up to 50%. The network is relatively fast and reliable, but technical support needs to be improved.


AdVakif is a fast growing platform that offers early payments, i.e. four days after the end of the week. It can do wires or pay via Payoneer. Payments are CPC-based, the number of CPM is not considered. The platform enjoys traffic from the world’s top 20 richest countries but the strongest GEOs are China, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. In fact, arab traffic grows at a very rapid pace making Arab states very attractive for crypto projects.

AdVakif does not provide its advertisers with a personal account, instead every click and conversion is registered in advertiser’s analytic reports which is very convenient. At the same time, there is an account for publishers on a separate server.


AdBit is a part of the BitRush network and operates under a daily payout system. It is similar to Google AdSense because advertisers offer equal bids for the amount of ad space on your website. The higher the bid, the higher the share of a given advertiser and the more you can earn. The only available ad format is a banner, which may consist of text, images or interactive media. One of the best things about AdBit is that payments are made to your account in real time with each submission or ad click. There is a minimum payout of 0.001 BTC.


TokenAd is the RTB-powered ad network working directly with advertisers and publishers. The platform’s rules are quite strict and prevent content not related to crypto projects from advertising. The minimum deposit amounts to $10,000. The clients can benefit from such ad formats as bottomline, banners, videos and native ads. TokenAd’s strongest GEOs are Mexico, Poland, the Russian Federation, Brazil and Ukraine. TokenAd works provides payments via Payoneer, PayPal, WebMoney, AliPay, ePayments and bank transfer.

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