Goldblum and Partners: Your Best Legal Adviser in Switzerland

Purchasing a ready-made company allows the buyer not to think about the registration of the company which is frequently a quite troublesome process. A company for sale is a pretty unusual product. Modern market is full of offers to sell the company, so the buyer has a lot to choose from. The companies differ from each other in their scale, financial possibilities and even location. Therefore, buying a ready business, one should pay attention to a variety of factors and determine the needs of the moment. It is highly advisable to seek for a legal consultancy, especially if it is necessary to purchase a company abroad.

swiss shelf companies

swiss shelf companies

Goldblum and Partners are known as a trusted law office in Switzerland since 2007. From the very launch of operations, the company positioned itself as a reliable partner in providing law help to the organizations seeking to strengthen their business positions in Switzerland. With the headquarters in Zug and Zurich, the law office grants its customers a direct access to the Swiss offshore jurisdiction as well as global money-related markets. Moreover, its branches are located in such cities as Vienna (Austria), Kyiv (Ukraine), Brussels (Belgium) and Moscow (Russia).

Being quite a young company, Goldblum and Partners positions itself as an ingenious group of people, with key skills varying from complicated M&A to intellectual property rights protection.

Goldblum and Partners deal with the clients from all around the globe. A great deal of them choose a form of a remote communication. An attractive advantage of the law office is that it does not require its customers to pay the long visits to solve their business problems.


Full-scale legitimate help in Switzerland

Goldblum and Partners dedicate much time and efforts to the following services that organizations require most commonly:
● mergers and acquisitions.;
● tax law;
● protection of intellectual property rights;
● banking and finance;
● dispute resolution.

Looking for a legal support in Switzerland?

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Industry Recognition

Considering a substantial involvement in the law business, Goldblum and Partners obtained a lot of industry rewards confirming its professionalism:
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Business Restructuring Law Firm of the Year;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Gamechanger of the Year;
● M&A AWARDS 2017 – Best European Corporate Law Firm;
● CORPORATE INTL – GLOBAL AWARDS WINNER 2017 – Corporate Law Firm of the Year in Switzerland;
● ACQ Law Awards 2017 – Capital Markets Law Firm of the Year;
● Global Law Experts Rating 2016 – NUMBER ONE.

10 years of professional activity

Starting from 2007, Goldblum and Partners gained an impessive experience in dealing with both Swiss and international law. Our experts are able to provide you with a good advice on a large number of cases. We cope with complicated tax cases, ensure external compliance and much more.

Support of different industries

Swiss shelf companies;
● finances (taxes, M&A, study of competitors, regulatory compliance, etc.);
● agriculture business (brand security, purchasing lands, supply chain strategies, patents, etc.);
● production (concluding contracts, safety compliance, licensing, innovations, production network investigation, supply chain patterns, etc.);
● consumer goods (research and development, acquisitions, opportunities of export and import, analysis of markets, etc.);
● logistics (employment contracts, delivery options, communications with forwarding agents etc.).

Fixed rates

Unlike a wide-spread practice in Switzerland, Goldblum and Partners aren’t charging an hour of work. Instead, we are focused on a reward based on obtained results which is more beneficial for both parties.

We keep our clients’ secrets

Confidentiality is the primary guideline for Goldblum and Partners. It is also ensured by the law of the Swiss Confederation.