Business ideas about how to start a cafe

Here is a set of promising business ideas that may generate a good income for the whole family. The peculiarity is that small cafes focus on creating and maintaining a special atmosphere inside and do not attempt to attract as many clients as possible. Such approach motivates the owners to come up with their creative ideas.


This is a business for the whole family. Cafes generate less profit compared to the restaurants. At the same time, cafes need a relatively small amount of investments. A reasonable combination of simple menu and warm atmosphere may contribute largely to receiving a steady income.

Coffee shop

Nowadays, an unbelievable quantity of kiosks sells coffee at every street of any city. Small towns usually aren’t so saturated with coffee kiosks, so the growth opportunities are more attractive here. If you are thinking about starting your own restaurant business but are short on money, try to start with a coffee shop. Running a coffee shop is a much simpler matter allowing you to obtain all necessary experience.

Hookah café

If you know how a good hookah should look like, try to open your own hookah café. Hookah cafe is hardly a popular institution. That’s why don’t open another hookah cafe in a small town, as customers may not be enough. When it comes to the big cities, there are no restrictions here.


Don’t like to cook meals? No problem, open an anti-cafe. All you need here is to entertain your visitors. If you have a true talent of uniting people together around an interesting matter, you may well count on success. Don’t forget that you have to pay a fee to the authors of entertainment programs.

Tea café

There are two possible patterns for running the tea cafe business: a simpler and more complicated one. If you want to sell tea as an alternative to coffee, this is a simple pattern. However, if you want to introduce tea ceremonies to your visitors, it’s a very complicated matter. Examine carefully your target audience, since the choice of a possible pattern depends entirely on it. Remember also that many people will visit your cafe every day but only a few of them will become regular clients.

Cafe for children

Children’s playground may be considered as the main advantage of family cafes. The main audience is parents with their children. The main to task to cope with are a well-thought menu and experienced animators to entertain children. The parents have several minutes for themselves while the children are occupied with their games.