Build Your Financial Future with LendUp

Many people believe that loans are designed to make them sink. Here, at LendUp, we are convinced that loans are designed to help you grow.



LendUp loan program provides you with excellent opportunities to make the first step towards the financial success and achieve a long-term financial sustainability. Sometimes life delivers us pretty unexpected surprises and there are situations when you need funds quickly. Unlike payday lenders, who frequently try to catch you in long lasting debt, LendUp offers a much more credible and secure alternative.

We have a special web resource for online applications and the whole application process is performed within literally several minutes. Moreover, when you apply to, the system takes instant decision. Our terms of cooperation are very precise, with no double meaning and our prices are transparent, so in every case you are well aware of what you are really getting. That’s why our clients are always sure there are no hidden commissions in the agreement.

Frequently, you can make use of a chance to improve you credit history with LendUp Ladder and still receive the required funding. If you demonstrate that good financial performance is an important matter for you, you can climb up the Ladder obtaining the access to the larger volumes of financing. In fact, you can earn additional points in a variety of ways like making scheduled loan payments on a timely basis, participating in our education programs or providing feedback on your own experience of cooperating with LendUp. We plan to make the list much broader in the future since we work permanently on tailoring our services to the clients’ needs.

Arrow Card is an instrument specially created for people who take care of their credit history. If you have a long credit history, pay your bills without delays and keep your balance low, your credit experience will definitely improve. Meanwhile, we don’t ask our clients to make a security deposit. Arrow Card is always within a reach of your hand and you can enter your personal online cabinet at any time from any device.

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With so many temptations around us, it may be very hard to make ourselves save some money. But you must understand that savings lie a foundation for a secured life in the future. Financial pressure can be very hard sometimes and many people go crazy trying to make the ends meet. We feel largely responsible for the financial sustainability of our clients, so we regularly invent new ways of possible savings that may help improve their financial health. Our mutual goal is to elaborate a reliable pattern of savings to make you feel confident in your future.

We also collaborate with our partners in developing savings recommendations. You can read about them visiting our website.
From the very moment you define your financial health as a priority and start educating yourself in this area, you create a solid basis for your success in the future. We prepared many education lectures based on practical cases that may help you understand better such problems as developing a budget, making savings and overcoming risks related to credit cards. To make you more motivated, is some cases it is possible to earn points for every lecture you studied.