Automation of cash and material flows

Automation today is one of the important elements of a modern control system. It is very important to properly manage operational activities and conduct all business processes using modern technologies. This will reduce the level of errors that can lead the company to financial problems. Modern business is trying to grow any process automation. Even the gaming industry offers its automation systems since they allow you to better evaluate patterns and build a strategy so that the client is always in the black. On you can buy software that will help to earn money in gambling clubs.

Less excel

Until recently, cash flows and, in general, all accounting systems were in Excel or simple programs that are available to everyone. Excel today is one of the most popular programs. The only alternative is Google Docs, which makes Excel even more accessible for all editors and allows collaboration on one document. In fact, Excel is widely used in companies that have up to 10 people on staff. If the company’s staff grows to 20, such companies switch to their software. There are many options for analyzing cash flows and conducting financial monitoring. But each model is built according to the features of the business, so self-written software will always be better than ready-made.

According to the ComTech Advisory survey, traders prefer Excel in their work because this program allows getting a free analysis tool, and it is available to most employees that do not require special training.

Why do modern companies abandon Excel?

The larger the company is, the greater is the need for its software. At some point, Excel can no longer cope with the tasks. It cannot allow several people to edit a document; moreover, it does not show the process of changing a document. The problem forms the safety of accounting in Excel.
Sending a document by mail can lose the confidentiality of data if one of the users has lost his password on the Internet.
Excel cannot hide data during transfer. Some people can simply engage in industrial espionage and copy an important document to a USB flash drive.
Thus, sooner or later, the moment when the company grows comes and it needs professional software

Is there an alternative to Excel?

Today, companies differently decide on the transition to professional software. There are two solutions to the problem. The first option is to use ready-made specialized software that fits any business. There are several positive aspects of such programs: they are installed within one day, and in a week all processes can move to a new level of automation. As for the second option, the development of individual software that is customized to the characteristics of each business and the requests of managers. It takes several months or even up to a year to develop such programs, and in the future, they will require updates and support, so pleasure will be quite expensive. Each company must independently decide on the choice of a program based on needs.